Calais Le Coq

Meet Calais our only Colorado team rider...

Home mountains/favorite place to ride:
Keystone, CO & Breckenridge, CO

Tell us about yourself:
Being surrounded by the top ski resorts in the world, a passion for snowboarding grew on me quickly. The outdoor and snow sport industry stimulates my creativity and gets my blood pumping and my heart racing. Since the moment I strapped my feet into a snowboard I immediately knew this attraction was richer and deeper than the sport itself, it was the playfulness, creativity, friendships, freedom, and the beauty of the places the sport took me. I am fascinated with the culture, aesthetics, and design that surround the sport. Being a senior in high school I get asked this question a lot, what do you want to be when you grow up? Snowboarding has consumed my life and I wouldn’t mind if it continued to be the biggest aspect of my life. I plan on going to school for design, with a focus in the snowboard industry. I believe it is very important to be enthusiastic upon every aspect of your life, to be passionate and motivated. I look around in the lift line and see the potential this industry has and working in this industry will have me waking up each morning motivated to communicate my love for art, snowboarding, and style to people that share the same passions. Ranging from photography to board graphics, this fun-loving industry thrives off of innovative and creative design. It is a growing industry where style, color, pattern, graphics, and branding are all part of a melting pot. Anakie’s designs are fresh and new, combining function with fashion. From the long, slim, and stylish fits to the pearl accents on the Alaska Jacket, It’s because of the small details that make Anakie’s designs the best out there! I really enjoy being a part of such a great company and cannot wait to see the company grow!