Anita Jaboor

Anita is the longest standing member of the Anakie team, while taking a break form riding to return to full health we take inspiration from her strength and passion!

Where do you live? Melbourne

Where do you snowboard? Mt. Buller/ Mammoth/ Travel the globe.

What do you do in your spare time? Surf

This season’s highlights? North Tahoe powder days, hiking the Sherwins.

Favorite trick? Backside 1s are fun!

Why do you snowboard? For the stormy powder days, when its snowing a lot. For the sunny park days when its nice and warm, and all your friends are out and every ones happy!

Goofy or regular? Regular

Set up – board? Gtwin and Mix
Boots? Supreme
Bindings? Escapades

Who do you look up to? or who inspires you?
People who have succeeded and excelled in their chosen sporting field, to a level beyond what others expect. Like Kelly Slater, who has had the most elite tour wins in pro surfing history and is still winning! Hannah Trigger and I went to the Rip Curl Pro yesterday and saw him win his third Bell! People who have over come something difficult in their life and who have gone on to achieve something great, like Occy (Mark Occhilupo). He had an amazing comeback, 10 years off the ASP world tour he came back to win it at 33!

Describe your perfect day riding? Powder day, Mammoth mid week (not many people). Start at chair 9 ride the entire mountain end up at chair 14, hike the hemlocks a couple of times, then go to Robertos.

Which snowboarder do you admire the most and why? Lonnie Kauk!

What motivates you? My sister, sunny days, stormy days, nice people who have positive energy and are encouraging.

What are your goals? To snowboard and surf as much as possible!

What is your favourite desert? Something with milk chocolate.

Where is your favourite place that snowboarding has taken you? California