Start with snowboarding, add 2 cups fun, 1 and 1/2 cups girls, 1 pound style, a pinch of powder, and a whole lot of Crazy. Stir and bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until golden. Garnish with some goggle bang.

Who we are

All around the world, we all have something in common; we love snowboarding! day in & day out.It is from this love that Anakie was born. Anakie is a female specific snowboarding brand ran by riders who continue snowboarding and designing technical outerwear that females want! We know that girls can keep up with the guys but don’t necessarily want to look like them. We will continue to provide style and help the progression of female snowboarding.

Our signature designs, unique colours & fun prints can all be mixed and matched. For Winter 13 we continue to develope our range around key color stories, providing endless options for our customers to create their wardrobe for any day or any mood.

As Anakie evolves, we build on what our customers appreciate the most, which is to look amazing while keeping comfortable in all conditions.Anakie is about having fun on the hill, combining bright colors with street inspired fabrics and stylish cuts. Anakie Outerwear is rider tested and rider designed; we live and breathe snowboarding. We love being a part of the journey our customers are on, wherever their snowboarding takes them!

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Richard Patterson R.A.P. Photography
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